China Minds is a boutique consultancy advising
governments, public institutions and corporations
with business, cultural and education
interests in the China-Europe corridor.

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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’
(Lao Tzu, 604 BC-531 BC)

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Our business services are designed towards facilitating transactions for our clients in China and Europe . We produce our own proprietary market and industry research and tailor our services for specific business opportunities. We work closely with our clients and our local networks in China and Europe to generate unique leads and close specific transactions for them.

As part of our program to promote further education exchange between China and Europe, we work with businesses operating in the education sector. We also have a specific focus on the corporate training sector, and work with multinational corporations to assist them in developing customised education programs in Europe and China.

We frequently collaborate with cultural institutions and artists from China and Europe to promote awareness of their respective heritage, art and culture across the two regions.